Go paperless with our digital statements, and never misplace a statement again.

Go Paperless with e-Statements!

All of your statements and communications in one convenient place: your inbox. Stay organized, effortlessly.

E-Statements are OTIS's digital, paperless statements. Our newsletter and any other monthly inserts are available within the program.

Please note that after signing up for e-Statements, you will receive your regular member statement and your Visa statement (if applicable) through OTIS Online by clicking on the "e-Statements" link.

Signing up for e-Statements is easy!
  1. Log in to OTIS Online
  2. Click "e-Statements" from the main menu
  3. Click on the first option "View e-Statements"
  4. Verify email address (change if needed); click "Continue"
  5. Disclosure page will come up. Please read the disclosure and verify your email is correct. If so, click "Continue"
  6. You can now click on "e-Statements" to view statements

At any time you wish, you may contact us to switch your account back to regular account statements and Visa statements at 897-0900 or 800-848-3688.