Direct Deposit

Direct Deposit through ACH is a safe, simple, and secure way to electronically make deposits from your employer’s payroll office to your account. The secure electronic transfer makes your funds available at the opening of business on payday for easy access, and you don’t have to go to the Credit Union to make a deposit.

Benefits of setting up Direct Deposit:

  • Your paychecks are deposited on time, every time
  • Funds are immediately available
  • No time spent waiting in traffic or in lines
  • Reduces the risk of fraud, theft, or loss

Our routing number, 211287609, and your account number from your statement for a Savings deposit or the 12-digit account number from the bottom of your checks for a Checking deposit, are all that you need.

Once you set up Direct Deposit to your account at OTIS, you can speak with our Payroll Specialist to set up additional automatic transfers to other accounts or loans.

How can OTIS work for you?

If you live, work, worship, or attend school in Androscoggin, Cumberland, Franklin, Kennebec, Lincoln, Oxford, Sagadahoc, Somerset, or York County, you’re eligible to be part of OTIS FCU – and we’d love to have you join our community.