Visa Rewards Program Lifestyle Loyalty Rewards

(Please Note: In March of 2022, we migrated vendors for debit and credit card production and servicing. Our new rewards system is Lifestyle Loyalty Rewards for both our new Debit Rewards cards and Visa Rewards credit cards. The new rewards website is currently a work in progress. We appreciate your patience as we continue to work diligently with our provider to get the rewards website up and available for members to access and redeem points. This page will be updated as this process continues and more information is made available to us.)

Real-Time Redemption has been made available!

Latest Updates

The end is in sight! Our processing partner is nearing completion for our Rewards site, and we expect to roll it out within the coming weeks. Although we do not have a specific date yet as to when the Rewards site will be available, here are some of the next steps that will be taken:

  • Members will be able to utilize a unique URL specific to OTIS to log into the Rewards site to review and redeem points.
  • A Customer Service line will be available for support.
  • A Welcome Kit will be forthcoming.

Previous Updates

  • The OTIS leadership team continues to meet regularly with our processing partner to resolve all remaining issues as soon as possible.
  • We are also working to introduce enhanced features to your rewards program, including Cash Back.
  • In March of 2022, we migrated vendors for debit and credit card production and servicing. During the implementation and product delivery, our vendor experienced unexpected delays with their newest rewards product, Lifestyle Loyalty Rewards. The delays impacted the ability to deliver a fully functioning platform (production website) to our membership for viewing and redemption of rewards earned.
  • In May of 2022, Real-Time Redemption was made available as the first step in this migration (see below for more details).
  • Our leadership team is diligently working with our vendor’s senior leadership and project management team throughout the week, culminating with weekly update calls. These update calls have been ongoing since the inception of the project. From a development standpoint, some initial code fixes impacted the timing and release of the production website. Unfortunately, these code fixes had a downstream effect on other functioning code, further delaying the release of our production site.
  • As of July 22, the code fixes have been validated and are in review with our vendor’s technical teams. This is an important update for OTIS and brings us one step closer in delivering a fully functioning rewards website for our membership.

About the Rewards Points System

What transactions are eligible?

  • Adjustments
  • Purchases
  • Returns
  • Reversals

How many points do I receive per transaction?

Base Points for Credit Purchases
  • 3x per dollar spent for grocery transactions
  • 2x per dollar spent for gas transactions
  • 1x per dollar spent for all other transactions
Base Points for Debit Purchases
  • 1/3x (one-third) for every dollar spent

About Real-Time Redemption

What is Real-Time Redemption?

Real-Time Redemption is an instant way to redeem your points for discounts that are offered at participating merchants. These discounts will be available for you to choose after enough points have been earned and will be presented at the point of purchase. Discounts are currently offered for qualifying fuel and retail purchases.

How do I use Real-Time Redemption?

To redeem your points through Real-Time Redemption, a discount will be presented to you at the time of purchase in exchange for a certain number of points. Simply select “Yes” on the screen if you would like to take advantage of the discount, or “No” to decline and continue with the original purchase amount.

Where can I redeem my points using Real-Time Redemption?

Fuel Discount Rewards

Current Participating Merchants

  • BP
  • Amoco
  • Murphy USA
  • Shell

If a discount is selected at the time of purchase, only up to 20 gallons will be able to be pumped, which will be discounted at the noted rate per gallon.

The discount may vary depending upon the number of rewards points earned. An example given of a possible discount is $0.50 off per gallon by redeeming 2000 points.

Rewards points may not be able to be redeemed at every location. Other terms and conditions may apply.

In Store Rewards

Current Participating Merchants

  • CVS
  • Dollar General
  • Giant Eagle
  • Walgreens

The discount may vary depending upon the number of rewards points earned. An example given of a possible discount is $10.00 off the purchase amount by redeeming 2000 points.

Other terms and conditions may apply.