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Welcome to OTIS On-Line, our secure home banking internet service.
This 24 hour service is free, but you must register to use it. If you haven’t already registered, please complete the ON-LINE Application.

Don’t forget to bookmark our home page (or make it a “favorite place” for AOL users) so that whenever you want, you can check out what’s new and access your credit union account.

You can use OTIS On-Line to:

What do I need to get started?
First you’ll need a computer, PC, mac or Apple (not one to eat) with access to the Internet and a browser that supports “secure socket” (SSL) encryption. We recommend the 128-bit encryption.

Microsoft’s Internet Explorer can be downloaded at www.microsoft.com

Mozilla Firefox can be downloaded at www.mozilla.com

We do not recommend “beta” or test versions of any browser because they may produce unpredictable results.

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